“Never have I been impacted by someone’s story more and she was great to talk to!  Thank you for inviting her.”  – Julie R.

“Shari’s talk was wonderful and inspiring.  I told her she has the spirit of action and joy around her.” – Lori M.

“She’s an awesome lady with an awesome  story.  She changed my life.”  – Delta A.

Shari Peterson – Storyteller

Remember the last time you heard a speaker tell a story that riveted you? Made you think? Challenged you? Inspired you? 

Shari’s life was changed forever surviving the devastating incident on United Flight 811. Her survival and realization of her inner truth calls Shari into her natural courage. Audiences find Shari’s life stories of overcoming struggles and surviving a near death experience inspiring in their own journeys. 

Shari shares her experiences, and life lessons from Flight 811 in speeches and workshops around the country.

For your next event, conference, book club or gathering make it memorable and inspiring by having Shari tell her story.

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