About the Author

Shari Peterson was raised in the small rural Iowa farm community of fewer than 400 residents. While Shari and her two younger sisters were growing up within a farm community’s humble lifestyle, they witnessed their parents demonstrate that “small town, helping others” philosophy. Their family found ways to donate and contribute to their school, church and community.

Following the life altering event of United 811 in February 1989, Shari began her quest for understanding her own life. She began traveling extensively sharing her experiences and teaching personal development. One of her discoveries was her ability to effectively communicate and counsel people, empowering them to greater personal growth.

Shari has appeared on Oprah, Turning Point, Hard Copy, Angels II Beyond the Light, I Survived a Disaster and It’s a Miracle. Shari has been featured in magazines and appeared on TV and radio in the US, Europe and Australia.

After nearly 30 years of gentle nudges from people all over the world to write this book, Shari is now ready and willing to share this, her first publication.

While this effort has been an enormous learning experience for Shari, she hopes her readers will receive some nugget or nudge to help them reclaim and remember who they really are – and fully embrace their authentic selves.

Using Shari’s favorite self-talk starter, “Hey, this is going to get fun!”, her wish is that her readers can confidently move forward, ready to handle anything while making new, bold choices.

Shari shares her experiences, and life lessons from Flight 811 in speeches and workshops around the country.

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